How to get to Chianca Grande


Vicolo Giuseppe Ferrari 9 Old town of Ostuni CIS BR07401291000028771

First of all you have to arrive at the Church of the Annunziata, in via Ludovico Pepe 46, next to the Central Post Office.

You must absolutely avoid passing through the old town by setting Viale Pola or Piazza Italia on Google Maps.
Once you arrive at Viale Pola or Piazza Italia, you must use this position.

NOTE: This is very important to avoid getting stuck in the narrow streets of Ostuni

You have to stop exactly at the entrance of the church

Parking can be usually found in the church street or in the streets beyond and behind the church

Paid parking in the blue lines of Via Ludovico Pepe (in front of the Bank) or free parking in the side streets of Viale Pola

Or closer to home in Piazzale Colucci. But you need to set this address only when you are in front of the church of the Annunziata

Once you have found a parking space, you have to return to the church again, look right in front of the door and enter this street.

My house is located right in front of FORNO 31 a few steps from the church and basically this is the route from the church to the house

The precise address is via Giuseppe Ferrari n 9

At the door there is a box with the keys: the code will be provided as soon as the house is ready in any case before 4pm.